JSP logo 1Jaybird St. Productions is a company with a dream that all artists of any medium should be able to make a living from their art.  We are inspired to produce our own art, using the mediums of film, theater, poetry, fiction prose, & music production, as well as to locate artists of different genres & give them an opportunity to present their work to the largest audience possible.  Started in Providence, RI, JSP explored many different options in initial projects before settling on Who’s Cafe, a modern take on one of the greatest comedy routines of all time.  JSP took a brief hiatus to move west; currently located in southern L.A. County, CA, we are now ready to begin the next phase of growth.

The next project is Escape, a film adaptation of the story told in a classic 80s song; production is slated for mid-to-late March 2014 in the Providence area.  Other projects in music & poetry are in early pre-production stages.

The eventual goal is to obtain a studio space for productions made by our JSP team & the artists we discover in the area, across the country, & around the world.


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